Just the most recent photos I have taken around my property.

Fall Leaves on Old Window, this is our shed window which we affectionately call the barn. It used to be a chicken coop for the first owners of our home. The windows are so old. I would say that I will paint them someday but then I wouldn't get a lovely shot like this.
Pumpkins in Field. Always visit local pumpkin patches for the very best fall pumpkins.
Last Flower of the Season, shortly after this shot we got our first freeze and these flowers were small frozen and dead.
Fall Seeds 1, I am slowly adding native plants to my garden. This is one of them and even the seeds are glorious.
Red Leaf 2016, saw this on the way out the door lying on our grass. LOVE the color.
Orange Leaf 2016, another native plant. Wild Geranium if you want to know. I didn't know the leaves turned such an amazing color.
Maple Leaves 2016, my daughter's tree. Which is now taller than she is, love this tree.
Green Leaf with Red Veins 2016, I love the contrast.
Fall Seeds 2, I let a section of my yard grow wild. It's great for wildlife and photography.
Fall Seeds 3, another plant in my wild section of my yard. Yes I know these are burrs.
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