About Me

At work up in the Laurel Highlands.

One of my favorite waterfalls.

Two of my photos at the Westmoreland Museum of American Art Juried Biennial.

I blend family hiking with work, obviously.

    As a young girl I was inspired by Ansel Adams. His grand vistas of the west were amazing to me. I always wanted to hike into one of his photos. Growing up in southwestern PA no matter how much I hiked I didn’t find such grand open spaces, still I saw beauty all around me.
    Our forests are different than the west. Ancient, elegant, and magical our forests here are small and intimate. A challenge for any photographer.
    My work is about love, love for the natural world. I will never tire of photographing the forest, that flower, or that tiny plant along a trail. The same spot never looks the same way twice to me. Any time, each time, it is magical and beautiful.
    Our old growth forests are full of wonder, elegance, and wisdom. Our reforested lands are inspirational in their ability to survive and thrive into quickly maturing wild places.
    My work is about love for all that I see and creating images that make you feel like you're there with me experiencing the beauty.

I hope you enjoy the photos.
Kelly Paal
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