As a young girl I was inspired by Ansel Adams. His grand vistas of the west were amazing to me. I always wanted to hike into one of his photos. Growing up in southwestern PA no matter how much I hiked I didn’t find such grand open spaces, still I saw beauty all around me. Our forests are different than the west. Ancient, elegant, and magical our forests here are small and intimate. A challenge for any photographer. My work is about love, love for the natural world.

I am still inspired by nature. At all times the color, details, shapes, and designs inspire me. My work is in a period of change. Just photography isn't doing it for me any more. I am currently trying to blend my photography with my digital art skills. Relying more and more on digital painting techniques I am taking my nature photography a step further. Moving into designs or patterns, bringing out the colors, creating a mood. It will be fun to see what the next years bring. 

I hope you enjoy the photos.

Kelly Paal
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