I am inspired by nature. At all times the color, details, shapes, and designs inspire me. My work has changed a lot over the past year or two. While I still take amazing photos when moved to do so. I am mostly a graphic artist now. I take inspiration from my own work to hand draw designs and transfer them to the computer. I am working to find that blend of inspired artistic and functional piece. My goal is to offer businesses, or individuals, of all types that something different to set their project or website apart from anyone else.
My photography is more about taking technically perfect shots so that individuals and business can find something amazing for their next project. All my galleries that showcase my stock products are completely integrated with Adobe Stock, so you can buy the piece you see right from my web page.
On a side note if this is something that matters to you I have two degrees. One in commercial art, photography, and design and another in business management and accounting. I competed internationally with my photography from 2003 through 2017. I had 213 photos in shows and 16 awards for my work. I no longer compete so that I have the time to run my two business and work teaching kids about photography at my local school.
Thank you for spending time here today.
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