Experimental Works

Finally starting to play with photoshop. This may be a new direction in my work. I am trying to make the photo look exactly as I saw it at the time. This section also includes photos taken with my camera phone as I tend to play with filters more on that.

Web of Jewels

Fallen Flower

Proof that you can take great photos with your camera phone. While I wouldn't recommend it for large scale landscapes for small simple things it can work. This photo happened when I saw this flower fall from it's plant in a hanging basket and managed to land on my porch railing. It's sort of sad and encouraging all at the same time.

Spring is Coming

I have started to play with effects to make my photo look like I felt when I made the image. This just speaks so much about potential and the coming of spring.

Daffodil Bud

I find beauty even in the potential flower. Lovely photo that will always remind you of spring's arrival.

Infrared Forest

I love the infrared filter for this image. So beautiful.

Daisy on Black and White

Part of a new direction in my work. I am enjoying playing with all that Photoshop has to offer.

Humid Morning Sunrise

I just fell in love with the view of the sunrise through the dew covered window. It was a hot and humid summer and the window looked like this most mornings but this morning the sky was clear and not hazy. It made for a lovely photograph.

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