Personal favorites.

B&W Forest Fern

Nature in it's elegant glory. Ferns, love them. I take too many shots of them but that is only because they occasionally give me such amazing images.

The Stream
One of my favorite trails in one of my favorite bits of forest. Is there no better sight than a stream cutting through the forest. A perfect gift for the hiker in your family.
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Looking Up

I was done hiking for the day and I thought I was done taking photos. Then I looked up. It was a bright day and the contrast of looking through the pine needles was just too beautiful to not take a photo.

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Leaves and Bark

Texture, light, tone, this photo has it all. If you love black and white this is a photo for you. Elegant and beautiful.

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Pink and Green

A lovely flower from my garden this year. I really liked the contrast of pink flower with green grass. Beautiful and simple image.

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This is why I don't take many fall landscapes. I love the beauty of the color of just a few little leaves. I think you miss this detail when you see large landscapes full of color. Such wonderful tones and shading.

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Green 3

Credits: Trierenberg Super Circuit 2016

Only a personal favorite of mine until this recent success. I love this image, love this place. For me it's a place of peace and a place to feel God's presence. If you love nature, forests, trees, or a good walk in the woods then this print is for you.

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B&W Wildflower

This was taken during an early spring hike through a lovely area near my home. Not sure what these are but they were all over the hillside. So pretty.

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Flower on Tree 1

Also from an early spring hike. I just loved the colors of this flowering tree. The sunlight made everything so pretty too.

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Magic in the Forest 3
Part of a new direction in my work. I am trying to edit the photos to make it look like what I saw, and make you feel what I felt at the time. Can you just feel the vibrant green of a living forest?
Fall Scenes 2016-3

How could I not take a photo of these beautiful flowers. The color is amazing.

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Fall Scenes 2016-4

On a morning walk I saw all these lovely leaves on the ground, with the dew on them, they just glow with color.

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