My latest obsession.

Cat Tail Plant with Dew

Sometimes the colors of fall aren't all bright and brilliant. They are muted green or yellow. It's so lovely with the dew on it as well.

Red and Orange Marigold

There is beauty everywhere in nature. Even in the garden and in the humble marigold flower. Bet you never realized all the pretty folds and beautiful colors in such a simple flower.

Potential 3

I think there is such beauty in potential. In this case the potential of a purple cone flower bud.

Blue Flower Bunch

Part of a new direction in my photography with more post processing effects. Lovely image. Deep rich blue. These little flowers were growing in my garden this spring.

White Flowers on Succulent Plant

These lovely little flowers were on my rock wall this past spring. Aren't they lovely.


Chamomile is so pretty in the garden. If you don't have it in your garden then order this print and plant some seed next year.

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